Walk with Amal, where I worked as the composer.

I love all things sound! Be it creating sound design and music for theatre, or mixing small scale musicals you’ll find me happily working to the beat.

I’ve recently discovered the amazing world of location sound recording and have bought a basic kit: the trusty Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun microphone, Zoom F4 Field recorder, boom pole, wind accessories and many XLRs. I’m looking for experience on larger sets as a sound trainee to learn how a larger sound department works together, and to soak up all that sweet knowledge from more experienced soundies.

Please feel free to get in touch; let’s make some art!

“The original compositions by Emily Compton are extraordinary… The most beautiful “act” of the show came in an a cappella quartet which – perhaps because it was so unexpected after the razzmatazz of the other performances – took my breath away.”

Acclaim from Broadway Baby for The Iconoclasts ★★★★

“Emily is a brilliant collaborator and composer, instinctive and responsive to the making process. Great to have in a tight corner, Emily worked quickly and fulfilled a very specific brief with humour, imagination and no small degree of skill”

Anthony Lau, Associate Artistic Director of The Crucible, Sheffield. Director of ‘Solstice’

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