Scoring the Trailer

Miriam’s instructions for the trailer were simple and clear; make it weird and make it creepy. Knowing the trailer was going to be starring two clowns in a dimly lit basement making a mess whilst trying to eat soup with forks, I wrote the first theme for our clowns.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 15.22.15

Send in the Clowns (Theme A)

In a fun compound time signature, this staccato melody keeps popping up during the trailer, in phrases of different lengths to reflect the chaos the clowns appear to be making. The idea of contrasting rhythms (2/4 against 6/8) features heavily in this trailer, alongside the unpredictable phrase lengths, adding to the complimentary confusion.

Check out the trailer below with the score! How many times did YOU hear the theme?

Club Bazaar Trailer – Full Score

Cinematography: Francis Rooney. Directed and edited by Miriam Schechter. Music by Emily Compton

Featured Image: Francis Rooney

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I’m a location sound recordist based in London. I record production sound for short films, corporate videos, and anything that comes my way! I also work as a post-production sound designer, composer and dub editor, as well as a musical theatre mixer and sound operator.

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