Two Elephants

For a contrast we wanted this scene to have no music. Music was a huge part of ‘Club Bazaar,’ with underscoring almost entirely throughout, so when it came to a scene where there was no music at all the room felt very still.

Written by Miriam Schechter, this very silly monologue was presented in a very serious manner. The silence suited the seriousness.

I held down the sustain pedal throughout to catch some of Tom’s speech. The word “ever” towards the end always caught in the piano and rang out, adding a natural echo to his speaking. When audience members laughed the noise also carried in the strings; holding the sustain pedal down throughout this scene created a natural echo that had a DIY feel. When Tom finished his glass of whiskey, he slammed it down onto the top of the piano.  The noise of the glass hitting the wood echoed inside the depths of the piano, increasing the tension in the room.

Featured Image by Cordelia O’Driscoll

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I’m a location sound recordist based in London. I record production sound for short films, corporate videos, and anything that comes my way! I also work as a post-production sound designer, composer and dub editor, as well as a musical theatre mixer and sound operator.

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