The Balloon Ghost

“The Balloon Ghost” was the third play belonging to the date-divorce-murder trilogy that started with “The Decent Date” and “The Divorce.” I played the daughter of Mr Jones and Miss Brown, whom had lived inside the womb of Miss Jones for years without her knowing. “I bore you a child in the end. Just like you saidContinue reading “The Balloon Ghost”

The Legend of Baboonita – The Cinematic Underscoring

I loved writing the underscore for this play as it was my chance to write cinematically. The tone of the whole of Club Bazaar was silly and melodramatic, and I got to overexaggerate this silly humour in my underscoring. Themes and motifs This play was all about Lord Baboonita and his son Babowan. 2 apes who hadContinue reading “The Legend of Baboonita – The Cinematic Underscoring”

The Legend of Baboonita – The Songs

We ended Act One with The Legend of Baboonita, written by Ben Price. This show involved two baboon masks we found in The Cellar when we first got into the space. The end result of this play really showed just how much of our inspiration came from the space we were in, and the objectsContinue reading “The Legend of Baboonita – The Songs”

The Motley Rat Sisters

Introducing the Motley Rat Sisters, the cheekiest pair of sister-from-another-mister rats you ever did see! One of the many characters played by Thompson (Tom Williams) and Finnegan (Stan Skinny), the Motley Rat Sisters are cheeky, fun, and love a good dance. As a lot of the material in Club Bazaar was based on the limited resources ourContinue reading “The Motley Rat Sisters”