The Creative Team

“Club Bazaar” was written by Ben Price and Miriam Schechter, and we produced it through our company Dear Hunter, Theatre. A little about Dear Hunter. Back in May 2016, Ben Price, Pippa Atkinson, Katie Seeley, Thalia Caddy and myself formed Dear Hunter in Sheffield. We all studied at the University of Sheffield, and most of us had met throughContinue reading “The Creative Team”

An Introduction to “Club Bazaar”

Welcome to my first blog! I am a 21 year old composer, currently in my final year at The University of Sheffield where I read Music. I’ll be doing a write up of my score for Dear Hunter, Theatre’s latest play “Club Bazaar”, which was written for prepared piano, prepared snare drum, and de-tuned violinContinue reading “An Introduction to “Club Bazaar””