“I have collaborated with Emily on a number of theatre projects and am always struck by her incredible creative mind.

Emily’s connection with the music she composes is powerful for her collaborators and audiences alike. It’s special to observe her as she expresses herself and to share in her talents is a gift. Emily’s playing is soulful and energetic, with a natural performer’s instinct.”

Ben Price, Artistic Director of Dear Hunter Theatre. Writer/Director of The Dots, The Iconoclasts and Club Bazaar

“Emily is a brilliant collaborator and composer, instinctive and responsive to the making process. Great to have in a tight corner, Emily worked quickly and fulfilled a very specific brief with humour, imagination and no small degree of skill”

Anthony Lau, Associate Artistic Director of The Crucible, Sheffield. Director of ‘Solstice’

“Emily Compton delights me every time she plays; gorgeous tones from roaring jazz to the gentlest melody. She is also a really easy person to work with: great communicator, easy-going but efficient and wonderfully adaptable and skilful. Her presence elevates any gig to something really magical.”

Yo Tozer-Loft, choir director of ‘Yo Yo Song Shop’ (community choir)
(c) Alex Brenner, The Megan Show

“Emily has been wonderful to work with during the development stages of our project. She immediately came with her own suggestions as well as created musical sequences based on the director’s early concept ideas. She always went above and beyond – delivering quality work on time and she was great to have in the room throughout.”

Zoe Gibbons, Producer for Second Circle Theatre, The Megan Show R+D
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